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Destiny 2 Warmind: How to Raise Power Level Fast


Destiny 2 Warmind: How to Raise Power Level Fast

How to Raise Power Level Fast in Destiny 2: Warmind

With the drop of the new Warmind expansion for Destiny 2, the in-game Power level cap has been raised yet again. This time, you can raise your Power level up to 380. If you use mods, you can increase that number up to 385. Before you start worrying about increasing your level in Destiny 2’s latest expansion, we recommend completing the Warmind campaign first. This will level you up along the way, and completing the campaign also opens up a few new things for you to do, including the Escalation Protocol public event which should help with the grinding process.

Ways to Raise Power Level Fast in Destiny 2: Warmind

Milestones: As always, Weekly Milestones are the most important thing to keep track of. These will reward you with Powerful gear, which can greatly increase your Power level each time you feel like you’ve hit a wall. We recommend saving these until you reach the 335-340 threshold, as these will provide you with a greater boost than Legendary drops.

Infusing Blues: The Rare engram drops aren’t great, but they’re useful fusion fodder. This probably goes without saying, but if you find a higher leveled Rare drop, use that to strengthen your Legendary gear.

Escalation Protocol: Destiny 2: Warmind’s new horde mode public event is pretty fun, and it’s also a great way of increasing your Power level as you prepare for the new Raid Lair. Just head over to Mars, look for the squarish metal panels on the ground that are glowing red, and interact with them. Do note that you can’t do this until you’ve beaten the Warmind campaign.

Heroic Public Events: This was the primary way of leveling up back when Destiny 2 first launched, but Heroic events have received a bit of a nerf since then. They’re still great for getting Exotic drops, but we don’t recommend farming Heroics until you’ve exhausted every other option.

Nightfall: Aside from Weekly Milestones, this is another great way to increase your Power level. However, make sure you go with a Fireteam and be prepared for the challenges ahead.

And that’s everything you need to know so you can raise your power level fast in Destiny 2 and check out all of the different content that Warmind has to offer. Be sure to check our wiki for more information on Destiny 2.

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