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Destiny 2 Warmind: How Long It Is & How Many Missions There Are


Destiny 2 Warmind: How Long It Is & How Many Missions There Are

How Long Destiny 2 Warmind Is

Warmind is the second story expansion to be released for Destiny 2, and it introduces a brand new Guardian named Aya Bray. Teaming up with your Guardian, you’ll both revisit Mars and discover the truth behind Rasputin, who was introduced in the original Destiny. This new Destiny 2 expansion isn’t that long in terms of story content, and it’s roughly the same length as Curse of Osiris, which released late last year. Warmind’s story missions themselves will take you around four hours to complete, or even less if you’re just blowing through it with friends. However, there are other things to do in the new social space, including the horde mode-style Escalation Protocol. There are also new Strikes and a new Raid Lair to attempt. With the increase Power level cap, you’ll be able to sink a lot more time into Warmind even after you’ve completed the story.

We’ve listed all of the mission names in the new expansion down below. There are five missions in total, though you might want to look away if you want to enter this expansion completely fresh.

All Missions in Destiny 2 Warmind

  • Ice and Shadow
  • Off-World Recovery
  • Strange Terrain
  • Will of the Thousands
  • Victory Enduring

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