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Conan Exiles: How to Get Aloe Seeds


Conan Exiles: How to Get Aloe Seeds

How to Get Aloe Seeds in Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles is a survival open world RPG developed by Funcom. The game features a sprawling prehistoric open world filled with terrifying monsters, deadly warriors and harsh, unforgiving environments. It’s all set within the Conan the Barbarian universe, with Conan rescuing the player from certain death at the start of the game. From there, players customize their very own barbarian and are sent off into the wilds. There’s been a slew of updates since the game launched on Early Access, with new regions, weapons and gameplay systems introduced. There’s a meaty crafting system at the game’s core which allows players to create new weapons, armor, resources, and other items, from materials they find while out exploring the world. Conan Exiles also includes a handful of farming mechanics where players can plant seeds and harvest crops, including those pesky Aloe Seeds.

There are a ton of reasons why you might want to get involved in farming in Conan Exiles. The most obvious one is that you can use the resources you grow to craft things to use out in the world. A really useful plant to grow is Aloe, as it can be used in several crafting recipes which involve healing items. In order to grow Aloe plants you’ll first have to track down some Aloe Seeds. This can be a little tricky, given that you have to come across them while exploring but there is one location that is guaranteed to have some lying around. To collect some Aloe Seeds, head over to the Mitra Feet Oasis in the Northern area of the map. There is a bunch of Aloe seeds which can be looted here, which can then be turned into Aloe Leaves using a Planter.

Unfortunately, harvesting Aloe plants in Conan Exiles does not yield Aloe seeds, which would make a lot more sense. This is an often requested feature from the community, so here’s hoping the developers add it in as a feature soon. For more on Conan Exiles, be sure to check out our wiki guide.

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