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Conan Exiles: All Obelisks Locations


Conan Exiles: All Obelisks Locations


Conan Exiles: All Obelisks Locations

Running around the entire map in Conan Exiles can be a lengthy, time-consuming process, so the addition of obelisks – your key to fast travelling from one point to another – is a welcome one. Once you have located The Archivist in the Unnamed City and learnt the Map Room Recipe, you can begin your hunt for obelisks. You can usually spot them with ease thanks to the purple corruption clouds surrounding them.

There are ten in total, with the first one located just outside of the front door of the Archives. A ways northwest from here, you will be able to find the second obelisk. It is south of the Shattered Springs, slightly eastward from Klael’s Stronghold. South from where you found the first obelisk, near the entrance to The Dregs, is another.

If you follow the stream northeast from here to the location of The Sinkhole, you will find another obelisk. You will now be in for a long hike east along the main river, until you reach the jungle and the Forgotten City of Xel-ha. The obelisk is a little ways north from the capitol.

Northwest from here, at the Dagon’s Eye ruins, you will find your next obelisk. After this, it’ll be time to rug up, because you’re heading into the snow, specifically the Ruins of Xullan, for the seventh. If you’re prepared to brave the dangers of the volcano (a suicide mission if you’re not a high enough level), you can head up north for another obelisk. You’ll find it under the covered bridge towards the center, on the eastern side of the volcano.

Back out into the snow, head west towards the Temple of Frost. In the small canyon surrounding the entrance, you will find your next obelisk. At last, travel down south towards the Mounds of the Dead. The final obelisk is here, on the plateau at the western side of the lake.

With that, you will finally be able to freely romp around the Conan Exiles map to your heart’s content. You’ll probably have gotten some great cardio done in the process, to boot.

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