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Charge into Battle with Fortnite’s Shopping Carts

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Charge into Battle with Fortnite’s Shopping Carts

With the recent news about PUBG Corporation suing Epic Games, we all could use something silly as a distraction. How about the reveal that rideable vehicles are coming to Fortnite? Yea, that should to do it.

Recently, Fortnite’s in-game news client was updated with information regarding patch 4.3, which will include obvious additions such as new skins, features, and weapons. However, one item has caught the eye of the Internet, especially sites such as Forbes and Polygon. Shopping carts will soon be available in Fortnite, and players can ride these into battle like epic urban warriors.

We do not know when shopping carts will be added or how they will work. All we have to go on is a description that reads “Roll into battle alone or with a buddy!” How will players actually “roll into battle?” Will they have to push the cart and then jump in and let momentum take over? Will one player push while another literally rides shotgun (or assault rifle)? Given the quirky humor of Fortnite, anything is possible.

How shopping carts will be implemented in Fortnite is also a mystery. The carts could potentially function in a manner similar to the jetpack, which gives Fortnite players extra mobility at the cost of an inventory slot. Alternatively, the cart could work like the Port a Fort and just be a deployable item that remains in-game for anyone once used. Or maybe shopping carts will be randomly scattered in the game world for anyone to ride. Again, Epic Games is not giving away any information.

While we do not know the exact release date of the shopping carts, we hope it will be first of a long line of funny and quirky vehicles players can pilot into battle. What’s next, a sentient pinata? Pogo shoes?

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