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Bethesda Teases Something Moon-Related for Prey With Secret Gif


Bethesda Teases Something Moon-Related for Prey With Secret Gif

Bethesda has been teasing something for Prey quite a bit recently. The teases all point to something moon-related. Their latest tease comes in the form of a short gif. However, the gif wasn’t just released to the public, but was quite well hidden.

A Reddit user by the name KasmaCorp posted an image on the r/nasa board titled “View of Earth and Moon from NASA’s OSIRISREx spacecraft,” followed by some binary code. User SHAPE_IN_THE_GLASS deciphered the code, which led to a peculiar gif. This gif shows the words “resetting simulation,” before revealing the moon, where you can just about see a word that ends in the letter “y.” SHAPE_IN_THE_GLASS’ digging also revealed that KasmaCorp is owned by a Bethesda email address.

This isn’t the only teasing that Bethesda has been doing. They also recently updated Prey’s achievement list on Steam with a new set of achievements that all have titles with a single word. When joined together, the ten achievements read “If You Believed They Put A Man On The Moon.” That particular phrase comes from the R.E.M. song Man on the Moon. This, along with the gif, definitely hints at something moon-related heading to Prey.

Bethesda’s E3 conference will be taking place on June 10.


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