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Best Minecraft Mods of April 2018


Best Minecraft Mods of April 2018

Tiny Robot Pets

Best Minecraft Mods of April 2018

Minecraft Mods

Hello, little guys! These fun fellas come courtesy of the scrumptious-sounding SupperGerrie2, and will quickly set about making your life in the world of Minecraft a much less stressful one. They come in one of five different varieties, each with a unique role: retrieving items, fighting enemies, planting and harvesting trees, creating and tending to a farm, firing arrows at mobs or dancing like Peter Garrett. Alright, so that last one isn’t real, but you can’t say you wouldn’t enjoy a Peter Garrett dancing drone.

Once their services are no longer required, a simple shift right click is all it takes to decommission the loveable mechanical buddies for good. It’s a cruel world, and we fear it will soon lead to the robot uprising.

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