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5 Best Buffed Destiny 2 Exotic Weapons That Are Back With a Vengeance


5 Best Buffed Destiny 2 Exotic Weapons That Are Back With a Vengeance

5) Hard Light

Five Best Buffed Destiny 2 Exotic Weapons

Hard Light kicks off this list and, while there might technically be a stronger weapon in the batch of revamped sandbox exotics for season 3, Hard Light cracks the top 5 because of the thoughtfulness behind the redesign. Hard Light, since Destiny 1, has been a cool idea that didn’t translate well when actually put into practice. Sure, having bullets that penetrate and bounce around is cool and all, but it was always hard to take advantage of it. In Destiny 1 (and 2), it was mostly good for taking out packs of trash enemies like Thrall.

This redesign doesn’t make it any easier, but it at least rewards players for pulling it off with a massive 100% damage boost to ricocheted shots. If someone can figure out the perfect way to whip these bullets around in PvP, they could be an absolute monster since Hard Light is pretty strong on its own without the damage boost. Also, in PvE, not only can you take advantage of that perk as well, but Hard Light can now have its element switched up on the fly.

Before, it was just an average auto rifle with a neat but hard to use perk. Hard Light is now a powerful and versatile exotic that can rip any shields down quickly, regardless of what you’re up against, and if used correctly, can deal massive damage.

Honorable Mention: Riskrunner

Spoiler alert, Riskrunner isn’t on this list, and it’s not because it isn’t good. We’re just of the mind that it was awesome and underrated before Season 3 and Warmind, and now it’s just next level great, especially when you’re up against Hive and Fallen enemies that make frequent use of Arc attacks. It was never dead to begin with.

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