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Arcade Racer Onrush Is Getting an Open Beta This Month

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Arcade Racer Onrush Is Getting an Open Beta This Month

Codemasters’ upcoming arcade title Onrush is coming soon, but if you’re not quite sure if it’s something you want to put your cold, hard cash down on just yet, you’re in luck: There’s going to be a beta. You’ll be able to try out the game ahead of its full release during the open beta period, which will be open to all players, and an early open beta access period included for anyone who preorders the game.

The open beta is currently set for May 17 at 9 AM ET, running throughout May 21 at 5 AM ET. If you preorder the game digitally on PlayStation 4, you’ll get early access and can join the open beta a little sooner on May 15.

The open beta will feature everything players need to learn the basics of the game, including an interactive tutorial, “Superstar Practice” mode for solo or group players, and the full-fledged The Stampede multiplayer mode with 6v6 battles on two different tracks.

Beta players can actually unlock special rewards for the full game as they play in the form of Crashtags and Tombstones to drop in the middle of the action, so if you’re interested in playing the beta and then jumping to the full game, that’s definitely something to keep in mind. Onrush launches June 5 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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