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Agony: How to Unlock Succubus Mode & What it Is


Agony: How to Unlock Succubus Mode & What it Is

How to Unlock Succubus Mode & What it Is in Agony

Agony, the brutal survival horror game taking place in hell, features a number of different mods in addition to the regular ol’ story mode. Succubus Mode is a special version of the story that has you playing start to finish as a Succubus demon.

Succubus are extremely powerful denizens of hell that purely exist to deceive, torment, and brutalize. This mode then is designed to be a treat of sorts. Instead of being the prey in hell, you get to be the predator. Considering how difficult and frustrating Agony can be at times, sign us up. Succubus Mode, as an added bonus, also features new cutscenes, moments, and pathways to experience.

To unlock Succubus Mode in Agony, all you need to do is beat the game. This is a tall task for sure, but if you’re able to pull it off, your return trip to hell will be all the more “pleasant.” The option to start from this mode is found in the main menu, and is normally greyed out. However, it will be available once you beat the game.

That does it for how to unlock Succubus Mode in Agony. Best of luck down there in hell, you’re going to need it.

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