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8 Good Switch Games From 2018 So Far


8 Good Switch Games From 2018 So Far


Good Switch Games From 2018 So Far


Celeste is the kind of game you only get in a rare while, one that perfectly marries its emotion, storytelling, and gameplay into one experience. The game involves a young girl named Madeline climbing Celeste Mountain, which apparently has the power to manifest one’s inner turmoil and “true self” into reality. It’s a 2D platformer through and through, that gives you the unique ability to dash in midair and alter Madeline’s trajectory.

Critics and fans alike flocked to Celeste, praising almost everything about the game. Here at Twinfinite we even gave it a 4.5/5 score. It’s a charming platformer with a heartwarming story, and surprisingly difficult gameplay that gives you incredibly precise control over Madeline. It’s easily one of the best indie games in years, and might even be one of the best platfomers.

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