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5 Reasons Not to Let Dragon’s Crown Pro Pass You By


5 Reasons Not to Let Dragon’s Crown Pro Pass You By

5) Enhanced Visuals and Newly-Recorded Soundtrack

 Reasons Not to Let Dragon’s Crown Pro Pass You By

If you first caught Dragon’s Crown when it released back on PlayStation 3 and PS Vita in 2013, you already know how great it looked and sounded even back then. Five years later, Dragon’s Crown Pro has augmented its graphical presentation and soundtrack in a big way. This time around, the port features high definition graphics with 4K resolution support and a newly-recorded soundtrack performed by a live orchestra.

If you like dual-language support, the game has you covered there, too. While the English voiceover cast did a fantastic job, Dragon’s Crown Pro lets you swap between English and Japanese audio so you can appreciate the original actors’ work as well.

Vanillaware is known for its ornate visuals usually drawn in an attractive storybook style, and Dragon’s Crown Pro takes this to the next level, with gorgeous characters, lush environments, and crisp illustrations that help bring every scene to life. These upgrades are instantly noticeable in the various detailed animations, lighting effects, and tweaks to creator George Kamitani’s designs. There’s a lot to be excited for if you’re interested in the aesthetics department, that’s for sure.

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