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5 Major Game Anniversaries in June 2018 to Make You Feel Old


5 Major Game Anniversaries in June 2018 to Make You Feel Old

Remember Me – 5th Anniversary

Every Major Video Game Anniversary in June 2018

One of June’s major game releases this month is the anticipated action-RPG, Vampyr, from Dontnod entertainment. Fittingly, it comes out almost 5 years to the day after the developer’s last foray into a third-person action game, Remember Me. And we certainly haven’t forgotten the anniversary of this underrated gem of an action game.

A polar opposite to Vampyr with respect to its setting, Remember Me featured a very compelling cyberpunk-inspired futuristic city. It was much more linear than the hub design of Vampyr, putting the emphasis of its gameplay much more on fast-paced combat than exploration.

Critical reception to the game was somewhat middling, but there was a lot to love about Remember Me. The narrative premise was really unique, the setting gorgeously realized, and the female protagonist one of the standout characters of 2013.

You might be surprised to learn that Remember Me actually sold extremely well, recording over a million copies sold. But unfortunately, it seems that Capcom isn’t interested in reviving the franchise, despite Dontnod having already brainstormed ideas for its sequel.

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