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5 Japanese Developers that Microsoft Should Throw Money at for Some Exclusives


5 Japanese Developers that Microsoft Should Throw Money at for Some Exclusives


fist of the north star

In a recent response to questions via Twitter, Spencer hinted that Microsoft’s E3 showcase this year could show more support from Japanese developers. More recently, he stated JRPGs would also feature at the conference, too. Despite the fact that this hasn’t always panned out in the past – the unfortunate fate of Scalebound from Platinum Games, for example – the prospect of third-party support from major Japanese developers is an exciting one and could give the Xbox One’s library the shot in the arm it needs.

Sega has among the most envy worthy vault of IPs under their control, including lucrative series such as Yakuza and Valkyrie Chronicles. While it would certainly be cool to see ports of these franchises brought to the Xbox One, it would be even better to see some new Xbox exclusive titles by the storied company. This could be accomplish either by sticking to Microsoft’s comfort zone of shooters or branching into genres not seen as often on the console.

Plus, with the Xbox One X’s power allowing for faster and sharper games, the company could deliver titles that offer cutting edge speed and fidelity; a call back to their roots from earlier generations. Titles like the upcoming Fist of the North Star would look all the better, and based on their work with the Yakuza series’ Dragon Engine, they would be more than capable of developing titles up to snuff with the Xbox One X’s hardware.

Interestingly, Spencer also recently suggested that he’d love to see Sega games on the platform in a recent tweet, JRPG or otherwise. We’re salivating at the possibilities!

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