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3 Best PS4 Kids Games of April 2018


3 Best PS4 Kids Games of April 2018

Island Time VR

Best PS4 Kids Games of April 2018

We’re seen a fair few silly games come to PlayStation VR since its launch, such as Job Simulator, but Island Time may be the silliest yet. You are stranded on a tiny island and need to do whatever you can to survive. You get regular deliveries and you need to use the items inside to make fire, cook food, and scare off seagulls. Learning new tricks for surviving is fun, even if you’ll set yourself on fire once or twice, and Carl the Crab (charmingly voiced by Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller) is a great companion. If they can get to grips with the awkward PlayStation Move controllers, kids will be laughing their head off playing Island Time VR. And as a little bonus, the playthroughs should last no longer than 20 minutes. If you’re torn, you can check out our review.

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