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12 Most Popular Xbox Games You Can Play Right Now


12 Most Popular Xbox Games You Can Play Right Now

12) Rocket League

Most Popular Xbox Games

Rocket League

Psyonix’s Rocket League puts players in control of rocket-powered battle-cars as they fight it out in a number of sports-like modes. The game is so popular it currently sits at the number 12 spot of Xbox’s most played games, according to the Microsoft Store, which updates its list every few days. The traditional Rocket League mode is soccer, which can be played with up to four players on each team. Passing the ball off the rounded corner of an arena to give a teammate a perfect shot to score creates a feeling of teamwork Rocket League relies on its players wanting to come back for. Alongside teamwork, the competitive nature of matches keeps players coming back to try and improve themselves.

All the free DLC added to the game since its release also keeps it fresh, including new sports modes like hockey and basketball, and another mode that gives players limited-use superpowers. The game’s competitive nature, reliance on teamwork and communication, and the free DLC seems to be a successful formula to keeping players around.

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