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10 4K & HD Detroit: Become Human Wallpapers That Need to Be Your New Background


10 4K & HD Detroit: Become Human Wallpapers That Need to Be Your New Background

Detroit: Become Human pushes the PS4’s hardware to its limit with some absolutely stunning visuals. From the motion capture that so brilliantly conveys the emotion of each character’s faces, to the incredibly detailed textures that look near photo-realistic, David Cage’s latest story-driven adventure is quite simply one of the best-looking video games we’ve ever played. To celebrate the release of what we believe is Quantic Dream’s best game yet, we’ve compiled some stunning 4K and HD wallpapers that you should totally make your new desktop background. Check them out below.

The Detroit Become Human logo makes a decent wallpaper by itself. download

The three main protagonists of the game, including Alice. download

We can’t get enough of futuristic Detroit. download

But the city looks even better by night. Some cyberpunk feels! download

Character facial animations are absolutely top notch in Detroit. download

One of Detroit’s S.W.A.T teams busting in all Rainbow Six Siege style. download

There are plenty of images of Daniel holding Emma hostage, but this might be the most powerful. download

Markus is done being an oppressed android. download

Yeah, she kinda looks like she’s got some pretty real emotions going on there. Not cool, guys. download

The dynamic between Kara and Alice is a poignant one in Detroit Become Human. download

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