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Yakuza 6 Guide: Tips & Tricks for Beginners


Yakuza 6 Guide: Tips & Tricks for Beginners

Put on Some Equipment

Tips & Tricks For Yakuza 6

One thing that Yakuza 6 doesn’t explicitly tell you is the function that equipment plays, as well as how to even put equipment on Kiryu. While you’re exploring Kamurocho and Onomichi you’ll get various pieces of equipment as rewards from substories and the like, or you can purchase equipment from Ebisu Pawn. Now that you actually have equipment, head to the main menu and select Stats. Yep, equipment isn’t on the item menu like you’d expect but in the Stats menu.

Tab over all the way to equipment and select what you want to put on. You can equip two different items at one time. It’s absolutely suggested that you put equipment on as it can help boost your defense, attack, heat gauge, and more special effects depending on what you have and want.

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