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Yakuza 6: All Fire Extinguisher Locations


Yakuza 6: All Fire Extinguisher Locations

All Fire Extinguisher Locations in Yakuza 6

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life gives you a wealth of side content to dig into, while you experience the final story of Kazuma Kiryu. One of the features new to the game are Troublr missions, small objectives that Kiryu will get a text message about that involve saving a person or stopping some kind of danger to the city. There’s even a few times where you’ll find out about a fire burning somewhere in the city. For these missions you’ll need to track down a fire extinguisher and put out the fire within the time limit. Unfortunately, Yakuza 6 doesn’t give you any kind of clue one where to find a fire extinguisher, but we’ll help you out.

There are six fire extinguishers that we’ve found in both Kamurocho and Onomichi, and realistically you can head to any of these locations to grab an extinguisher. Keep in mind that there may be more locations that we just haven’t found. If we do happen to find any more locations, we’ll update this guide. Here’s where you can find fire extinguishers in Yakuza 6.


  • At Senryo Avenue in the alley above Modern Mahjong and Nyan Nyan Cafe
  • Kamuro Theater, Near M Side Cafe, at the stairs leading down to Millenium Tower
  • Nakamichi Alley inside the empty store, you can just open the doors.
  • Two extinguishers in Millenium Tower, bottom floor near the elevators
  • Millenium Tower top floor, on the right side


  • Outside of Jumangoku Chinese Soba, on the docks side
  • Ryunan Shrine Stairway, next to the arch halfway up
  • Ryunan Shrine Alley, in a doorway
  • Second Hill, underneath the metal roof
  • Ropeway Station, at chou a la creme to the right of the ticket stations
  • Near Otafuku Pawn, on the roof, a ladder leading up is in alley to left

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