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Here’s Who’s in Line For the British Throne


Here’s Who’s in Line For the British Throne

Here’s Who’s in Line For the British Throne

The Royal Family has been around for quite awhile, and there’s no real end in sight. After Queen Elizabeth II, the British Throne will of course be filled by the next in line for it.

A direct quote from the Royal Family’s website states the following:

“The succession to the throne is regulated not only through descent, but also by Parliamentary statute. The order of succession is the sequence of members of the Royal Family in the order in which they stand in line to the throne.”

Here’s how the British Line of Succession goes.

1) Charles, The Prince of Wales – Eldest son to Queen Elizabeth II, heir apparent to the throne.
2) Prince William, Duke of Cambridge – Eldest son of Prince Charles.
3) Prince George of Cambridge – First Child of Prince William.
4) Princess Charlotte of Cambridge – Second Child of Prince William.
5) Prince Henry of Wales – Second son of Prince Charles
6) Prince Andrew, The Duke of York – Second son to Queen Elizabeth II.
7) Princess Beatrice of York – Eldest daughter of Prince Andrew.
8) Princess Eugenie of York – Youngest daughter of Prince Andrew.
9) Prince Edward, The Earl of Wessex – Third son to Queen Elizabeth II.
10) James, Viscount Severn – Youngest child of Prince Edward.
11) Lady Louise Mountbatten-Windsor – Eldest child of Prince Edward.
12) Anne, The Princess Royal – Second child and only daughter to Queen Elizabeth II.
13) Mr. Peter Phillips – Son to Anne, The Princess Royal.
14) Miss Savannah Phillips – Daughter to Mr. Peter Phillips
15) Miss Isla Phillips – Daughter to Mr. Peter Phillips.
16) Mrs. Michael Tindall – AKA, Zara Anne Elizabeth Tindall, the daughter of Anne, The Princess Royal.

That’s all there is to it! Hope this helped you out in finding out who is next in line for the British Throne.

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