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Vampyr’s Dramatic Story Trailer Brings Bloodlust and Secret Societies


Vampyr’s Dramatic Story Trailer Brings Bloodlust and Secret Societies

Focus Home Entertainment has released a new trailer for Vampyr, the upcoming action-RPG from DONTNOD Entertainment, the developers of Life is Strange.

The trailer gives us our most extensive look at the game’s story yet, detailing the story of Jonathan Reid, a doctor returning to London from the frontlines of the Great War in 1918. There Jonathan awakens to a mysterious power, and is thrust into a world filled with monsters and secret societies. The trailer shows off a bit of Jonathan’s struggle with his new power, and how he grapples with the conflict between his duty as a doctor and the bloodlust he now feels. You can take a look at the trailer down below, and here’s a quick overview of the game’s story via Focus Home Entertainment.

“As a newborn vampire shattered by an irrepressible thirst of blood and thrust into a strange new world, Reid attempts to interpret the supernatural in the best way he knows how: rational thinking. However, between ancient societies, mysterious murders and an imminent large-scale vampire hunt, his scientific assurances are challenged like never before. Driven by a personal desire to learn who caused his transformation and why, Jonathan Reid continues working to find a cure to the devastating disease that decimates its citizens.

But doing so, he must confront his nature as a blood-drinker and the terrible temptation to feed on those he swore to protect”
Vampyr launches on June 5 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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