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Top 8 Best Multiplayer Games of Q1 2018


Top 8 Best Multiplayer Games of Q1 2018

Monster Hunter: World

Best Multiplayer Games of Q1 2018

Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter kicked off 2018 with a colossal bang. The series returned to home consoles and offered up a rich and gorgeous world filled with wonderfully designed monsters and wildlife. And while the game is a blast to play on your own, the real fun begins when you team up with a group of friends online. Monster Hunter has always been a fantastic multiplayer experience but the added scale which World brings to the table makes for the most epic yet.

The game was praised by critics (including us) for its impressive depth and for being an enjoyable jumping-on point for newcomers to the series. There are a variety of multiplayer options in the game, from SOS flares to swappable guild cards. All of these individual systems culminate in the feeling of a truly shared world where help is always mere minutes away.

Capcom seems set on continuing support for the game, outlining plans to add new monsters periodically for the foreseeable future. Even if you never get to the post-launch content, there’s literally hundreds of hours of multiplayer fun to be had, whether you’re a series veteran or a complete novice.

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