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Top 6 Best Co-op Games of Q1 2018


Top 6 Best Co-op Games of Q1 2018

Monster: Hunter World

Top 6 Best Co-Op Games of Q1 2018

Monster Hunter: World, Shadow of the Colossus

The Monster Hunter series has made a big comeback to PlayStation consoles with their latest installment, World. The best-looking entry to date, Monster Hunter: World includes all of the classic hunting action, including intense co-op, along with some added features. Newcomers can experience all of the action through breathtaking visuals, while veterans are definitely in for a few new surprises.

Here, players still take on the role of a hunter who embarks on different quests that usually involve slaying fearsome creatures. Customize your own character and swap between 15 different weapons, each with their own unique play styles. Defeating monsters yield new materials which you can use to craft stronger (and stylish) outfits and deadlier weapons. That doesn’t mean to say that these creatures are pushovers, however, as each beast has something new to bring to the table. From the ferocious Nergigante down to the King of the Heavens, players must analyze each monsters’ tricks of the trade to survive each hunt.

And while you can take on all of the action yourself, it’s always best to bring a friend or three along for the ride. Monster Hunter: World truly shines when you’re bashing skulls and clipping monster wings with your squad. There’s nothing more satisfying when everyone is working together, coordinating their blows and achieving that sweet sense of victory. Monster Hunter: World has really given the series that push for popularity, landing it a spot as one of the best co-op games for 2018. Here’s what we thought of this monster hunting adventure.

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