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6 Things to Do After Beating Yakuza 6 (Post Game)


6 Things to Do After Beating Yakuza 6 (Post Game)

Finish Off Substories

With how much Yakuza 6’s main story draws you in, it’s quite likely that you’ll have missed a few substories along the way. Substories can be found as you advance through the game’s various chapters, with some unlocking at a certain point in the story, while others will unlock once you’ve completed certain objectives or other substories.

There are 51 substories in total, and there’s a handy guide up from the Japanese version on PSN Profiles. Just check off the ones you complete, and work towards getting the rest. It’s important to note that each hostess has a substory that you can only see by maxing out their level, and Snack New Gaudi has a substory for each of the regulars. It might take you a while, but the substories in Yakuza 6 are easily one of its best elements.

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