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Before Playing God of War, Catch Up On the Story Summary Here


Before Playing God of War, Catch Up On the Story Summary Here

The God of War franchise started as a fun, stand-alone hack and slash game starring a rageaholic Spartan waging war against all of Greek mythology. The series has since evolved into an action-packed modern Greek tragedy that makes Mortal Kombat look tame. After several years, the franchise is back with one heck of a face lift, and I don’t just mean Kratos’ epic beard. But, before we get into the upcoming game, let’s turn back the clock and see just how Kratos went from the Ghost of Sparta to the Dad of War.


Before any of the games, Kratos fought a losing battle against a tribe of barbarians and made a deal with Ares, the God of War. In exchange for defeating his enemies, Kratos offered his life in eternal servitude. Ares agreed but decided in his infinite wisdom (or lack thereof) to trick Kratos into killing his wife and daughter, so nothing could distract him from serving Ares. This plan backfired and set off Kratos’ rage-filled quest to hand the Greek pantheon their collective asses on silver, bloodstained platters.

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