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The Arcade Crew Announces Action-RPG Dark Devotion for Consoles and PC


The Arcade Crew Announces Action-RPG Dark Devotion for Consoles and PC

The Arcade Crew’s upcoming 2D side-scrolling action RPG Dark Devotion is coming to consoles and PC in 2018, just announced today. It’s a gloomy, strange RPG that forces you into a dungeon that you can’t go backward in. Essentially, you can continue returning to a hub space, but that’s about it for you if you want to go back and see where you’ve already adventured to.

The Arcade Crew and Hibernian Workshop are working on a game where you essentially make on the role of a Templar as you work through the temple (dungeon) on a quest wrought with suffering and redemption all for your faith. Across four different worlds, you’ll choose a series of weapons and learn about the Temple’s secrets as you face off against bosses that want to destroy your soul, thus damning you to purgatory.

There are several different gameplay mechanics to enhance replayability, but it looks like most of the time spent in game will be focusing on how weird and creepy everything seems to be, as well as your “faith” in the deity that’s pushing you through all the hard times. If you need to see the game in action, you can check out its official announcement trailer below for a better glimpse at what’s coming.


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