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5 Best PS4 Co Op Games of Q1 2018


5 Best PS4 Co Op Games of Q1 2018

A Way Out

5 Best PS4 Co Op Games of Q1 2018

a way out

Joseph Farez’s off-the-wall personality certainly helped to fire up interest in A Way Out, but it caught the eye even before his theatrics at the Game Awards, and we’re happy to say the game has delivered on the promise of its potential. AAA co-op action games aren’t supposed to be a thing in 2018, but A Way Out has suddenly reminded us why we need more of them in our lives. This brilliant prison break tale is an absolute blast with a friend, and thanks to the awesome invite system, you don’t even need to both own a copy to enjoy it.

There’s a range of different gameplay to be enjoyed, from the puzzles of its main quest arc to a host of bizarre mini-games, such as wheelchair balancing and weightlifting. But arguably the most novel feature of A Way Out’s design is the way the action often unfolds in split-screen. Half the time, you’re observing two games in one, watching your partner execute their role in the master plan from a totally different area. It’s clever stuff, and though there’s the occasional dialogue overlap, it all works together really well.

A Way Out has set a co-op benchmark that will be difficult to better in 2018.

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