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Colorful and Quirky The Swords of Ditto Gets a Cartoony Launch Trailer


Colorful and Quirky The Swords of Ditto Gets a Cartoony Launch Trailer

Cartoony roguelike The Swords of Ditto is out tomorrow from Devolver Digital and onebitbeyond, and it’s one of the most unique and colorful multiplayer titles we’ve seen this year so far. Tomorrow you’ll get to try it out for yourself on PlayStation 4 and Steam, and it’s got an animated launch trailer to go with it, from Powerhouse Animation, who also happens to handle Netflix’s Castlevania animated series.

The Swords of Ditto is an odd little game where your heroes will die, but they’ll continue to pass on the swords they used throughout all of their adventures. With each death you rack up, your sword will be even more powerful during your next life as you work to conquer dungeons solo or with friends to play with in co-op mode. You’ll wield swords and bows, Frisbees, golf clubs, and even feet to fell your enemies, which is all quite cheeky.

Right now, The Swords of Ditto is up for grabs on Steam for 20% off, which is a special launch discount if you’re interested in picking it up and trying it out. It looks like a pretty quirky title to take for a spin, and knocking a few bucks off the price is always a welcome path to take when a new game debuts.

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