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Survivor 36 Episode 10 (2018): Who Got Voted Off Tonight


Survivor 36 Episode 10 (2018): Who Got Voted Off Tonight

Who Got Voted Off Survivor 36 (2018) Tonight?

The 10th episode of Survivor 36: Ghost Island has just aired, and like always, one castaway was voted off the tribe and had to leave the island. Do be warned that we’re about to spoil the results from the latest episode and the circumstances leading up to the vote, so if you don’t want to know the details, don’t read on.

The vote in the 10th episode of Survivor 36 resulted in Desiree leaving the tribe. Throughout the episode, she had been hinting towards pulling off a blindside on Kellyn and breaking up the original Naviti tribe. She approached the Malolo tribe members (who were on the bottom) and suggested that they band together to vote off Kellyn as she felt that Kellyn, Dom, and Wendell had the most power in the game at the moment. However, Laurel foiled the plan by informing Dom and Wendell of the plan. Dom then proceeded to tell Kellyn that there was a target on her back.

At the immunity challenge, Chelsea won immunity, so Michael was once again in danger of being voted out. Later on, Desiree learned that Laurel had spilled the beans on her plan, so she confronted her about it in front of the other Malolo members. However, when Wendell showed up at camp, Desiree promptly changed her story and started exclaiming that she never had a conversation with the Malolo members. At tribal council, it became a battle between Desiree and Malolo as both sides tried to convince the rest of the tribe that they were telling the truth.

In the end, everyone voted off Desiree, aside from Chelsea, who was her final ally in the game.

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