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Steam Reviews Now Keeps Comments Disabled by Default

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Steam Reviews Now Keeps Comments Disabled by Default

Do you use Steam to check out reviews for all the latest games? If it’s a platform you use often, or use to write your own reviews, you might want to take notice of Steam’s latest measures taken on the platform. From now on, it looks like Steam will be disallowing comments on reviews by default. If you want to allow others to leave comments, you’ll have to mark a selection box to do so.

This may end up posing a problem in the future for creators who don’t realize that the comment feature has been turned off. It looks like this feature was quietly altered without any real fanfare, but at least the option is still there for you to use if you choose to.

From now on, if you decide to write a review and want to let others share what they think about it, make sure you tick the “Allow Comments” option to make sure you’re covered. That way others can leave additional feedback, ideas, or corrections if you end up making mistakes. Of course, it’s likely this option was changed due to the fact that there are so many trolls floating around on Steam, so it makes sense why this change was introduced.

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