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Stardew Valley’s Multiplayer Mode Now Available in PC Open Beta

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley’s Multiplayer Mode Now Available in PC Open Beta

The multiplayer mode for farming/life simulator Stardew Valley is now available in an open beta test on Steam for PC and Mac users.

The mode allows up to four players to cooperatively work together on one player’s farm, mine materials, and attend festivals. According to the announcement post, players will share the farm, all money, and world updates while inventories, skills, and NPC relationships will remain separate. Each player can set their own difficulty level as well, which will tweak and divide profit margins.

Players joining another’s game can marry NPCs or other players, and can divorce too. Since each player requires a cabin built on the farm’s property, it is possible to destroy cabins to really give other players the message that they are not wanted. According to publisher Chuckfish, here is how to join the beta:

  • Log into your Steam account
  • In your Games Library, right click on Stardew Valley
  • Select Properties → Betas (see:
  • Enter the Beta access code “jumpingjunimos” and press Check Code
  • After this, select the beta branch option on the Beta selection drop down list above
  • If you have any problems with gaining access or experience any bugs, email us at [email protected] 

Single player content is also included in the 1.3 update, such as allowing horses to wear hats and a three-day winter market festival. The 1.3 update is currently available in beta for Steam users, with no details when the update will drop for the main game and console versions.

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