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You Can Now Play Skyrim for Free Until Sunday over on Steam


You Can Now Play Skyrim for Free Until Sunday over on Steam

Nearly seven years after its release, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is still ever popular. It’s been released on virtually every gaming platform, sold tens of millions of copies, and is still enthusiastically played by a substantial community. But if you still haven’t experienced the magic of Bethesda’s iconic RPG, now is your chance to see what the fuss is about for free.

Steam has just announced that the game is available to download and play free of charge until this Sunday, April 15. The three trial period is part of a discounted offer for Skyrim, reducing the game’s price by 50%. So if you like what you’ve played, there’s the opportunity to pick up the game for half its cost.

Sadly there isn’t a similar trial or discount on other platforms, but with such a tremendous mod community over on PC, we’d suggest it’s arguably the best place to experience everything Skyrim has to offer. Indeed, while the game might look a little dated next to its more modern open-world competition, there are all sorts of texture packs and visual upgrades you can install to enhance the experience.

In fact, there’s so much content out there for Skyrim these days that you likely won’t be wanting for another fantasy experience for a long time to come.

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