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Take a Closer Look at Yakuza 6’s After Hours Premium Edition


Take a Closer Look at Yakuza 6’s After Hours Premium Edition

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life is getting a special edition when it releases worldwide April 17, and it comes with some sweet swag, as shown in an unboxing video from Sega.

The special edition, officially called the “After Hours Edition,” comes in a large box featuring black-and-white versions of the tattoos of the characters Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima on opposite sides.

Yakuza 6

The special edition includes a copy of the game in a standard-edition game case, but the box includes some special goodies to justify the $89.99 price tag. A pair of black-and-white coasters featuring Tojo Clan emblems can be used to hold a pair of bar glasses covered with etchings of Kiryu’s dragon tattoo. Two ice-stones can be used to keep your drink cool, with each featuring a different kanji, one for “extreme” and another, ironically, for “heat-actions.”

Finally, the After Hours Edition also includes a 64-page hardcover art book featuring in-game and fan-submitted artwork. It even comes with a page dedicated to in-game selfies of Kiryu, who wouldn’t want that for their coffee table?

Yakuza 6 released in Japan in 2016, but gamers across the globe will be able to play it starting April 17 on PlayStation 4. While waiting to play the game be sure to check out our guide be sure to check out our guide for everything you need to know in preparation for the game.

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