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Sea of Thieves’ Latest Patch Rebalances Weapons and Fixes Bugs

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Sea of Thieves’ Latest Patch Rebalances Weapons and Fixes Bugs

The latest patch for Sea of Thieves has arrived, bringing a number of updates to the game including weapon rebalancing, fixing bugged issues, and improving performance. The 1.03 patch comes in at about 1.2 GB for Xbox One and PC.

The weapons changes in this update include reducing the Blunderbuss’ damage and increasing the Eye of Reach’s damage. Rare promises it’s reviewing data on the weapons players use and will continue to make changes in the future as needed.

A new message from the Ferryman can now be found on the door of the Ferry of the Damned instructing pirates on how to scuttle their ship from the settings menu, sinking it and starting the crew from a new place.

PC players should find aiming down sights to be slightly easier with increased mouse sensitivity now, and the promise that in the future players will have a settings option to customize the mouse sensitivity during ADS. Players can now also bind controls to the mouse’s scroll wheel.

Rare has also fixed an issue where players couldn’t equip a second weapon, and a problem with players not getting enough warning before a server shutdown. To improve performance, Rare has also made multiple crash fixes to the servers and client, and has added the game to a data center in South America to help with poor ping times in the area.

You can read about last week’s Sea of Thieves update here.

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