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Latest PUBG PC Patch Adds New Crate, Pan Skin, and Map Changes

PUBG, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Latest PUBG PC Patch Adds New Crate, Pan Skin, and Map Changes

The latest update for the PC version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds adds a new feature to the map and more weapon skins, developer PUBG Corp. detailed in patch notes. The update will be live on the test server “soon,” and deployed on the live servers within this week if stable enough.

The biggest change in the patch is the addition of a marker that shows players where exactly the plane is flying over on the map at the beginning of each match. This flight path line will be visible in the waiting lobby until players touch the ground after exiting the plane. The map would only show the plane icon before this update, so it should be easier and faster to chart where exactly players should drop, even though the plane always travels in a straight line.

Also included in the update is the new Equinox crate that offers weapon skins with a chance of receiving “one bonus item” on top of the normal reward. The crate has a 25% chance of dropping from the Weekly Random Crate, and requires a Weapon Skin Key from the Steam marketplace to open.

Separate from the crates is the “Target Practice” skin for the frying pan melee weapon, pictured above, that can be bought by itself for 5,000 BP. The skin can only be purchased once per account. Check out the patch notes for the full list of skins and drop tables.


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