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PUBG Mobile: How to Get Highest Graphics Setting


PUBG Mobile: How to Get Highest Graphics Setting

How to Get the Highest Graphics Setting in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile takes the iconic battle royale shooter and somehow squeezes it onto mobile devices. The game brings with it the original map, some new gameplay systems, and an emphasis on action. It is a different beast to its PC counterpart, offering a more arcade-like and speedy experience. Looting is now automatic, as is sprinting, and gunshots and footsteps now show up on the mini-map.

It also looks surprisingly good! Managing to offer up a graphical experience not dissimilar from the Xbox One version of the game. There are three options to choose from in terms of graphics, and if you’re someone who wants the best of the best, look no further. Upon loading the game up for the first time it will present a screen showing the three options; low, medium, and high. The game will automatically set one for you based on your system specs, but you are free to go higher or lower if you’d like. If you do want the highest graphics, choose the high setting.

Now, you can actually increase the performance even further by heading into the settings, located in the start screen menu where your character is standing. The settings are located via the cog icon in the top right. Next, head over to the graphics section and you’ll be given the choose to fin-tune your visuals. HD and Ultra HD are the highest so choose these if you want the best looking experience.

You can reset these settings at any time in the same menu, as you may experience some drops in frame-rate while using the higher graphics options. You can also change these options in-game, however it will require a reset to take effect. This will all be relayed via a pop-up message when you switch to a different graphics option.

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