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Can We Please Just Get Final Fantasy Warriors Already?


Can We Please Just Get Final Fantasy Warriors Already?

The Final Fantasy series is no stranger to spin-off games, with everything from fighting games like Dissidia to kart racers like Chocobo Racing. At the same time, Koei Tecmo has plenty of experience adapting famous series into their Warriors formula, even Square Enix’s own Dragon Quest. It begs the question, then, why haven’t we seen a Final Fantasy Warriors? The two series seem like a match made in heaven, and the groundwork is already there for an original story, unique combat system, and eclectic roster of characters.

There’s a plentiful helping of crossover content in the Final Fantasy series at this point, with mobile games and big entries bringing characters together. Dissidia on the PSP was the first big Final Fantasy game to do this, bringing the heroes and villains of the series together for a fighting game. Dissidia, along with the film Advent Children, redesigned what Final Fantasy combat looked like, making it incredibly over the top with characters essentially being able to fly through the air.

Dissidia tells a story about a fantasy world where two gods, Chaos and Cosmos, rule. In a neverending cycle of war, the two gods summon champions to fight for them, and the fate of the world. Later on, Chaos and Cosmos fade from existence and a new world, along with the gods Materia and Spiritus, take their place. This story setup is something that Final Fantasy has used in multiple Dissidia games, and it could easily serve as the basis for another new title.

Final Fantasy

This kind of over the top sensibility is exactly what Warriors games do, letting you massacre hundreds and thousands of enemies as you become a veritable human wrecking ball. We recently talked about how Dynasty Warriors is the series to play if you want to feel powerful, and oftentimes the themes of Final Fantasy games have to do with power and strength. Another key feature of Warriors games is their diverse roster of characters, something that Final Fantasy certainly isn’t lacking. The series has a huge stable of beloved characters, and the Dissidia games have already established a starting roster that can be expanded upon with even more fan favorites. This leads us to the most recent Final Fantasy release of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT on PS4, a game developed by none other than Koei Tecmo.

Tecmo redefined the series’ combat in new ways, and did an admirable job of translating each character into a gorgeous, modern aesthetic. Sure, Dissidia NT has its fair share of problems, but the game establishes that Tecmo has experience working with the Final Fantasy series. They have a feel for the characters, music, stages, and general tone, as Dissidia NT is a Final Fantasy game through and through. This gives them a valuable base, and even assets, that they could then directly translate into a Final Fantasy Warriors experience.

At the same time, Tecmo has shown it has a knack for adapting the unique features of a series into its Warriors formula. Hyrule Warriors used the equipment of the Zelda series as well as unique boss battles, Fire Emblem Warriors adapts the weapon triangle and tactical orders, and Attack on Titan lets you zip around the battlefield with maneuver gear. Dragon Quest Heroes, in particular, shows how the company could adapt Final Fantasy. Heroes gives you a number of spells and combos to use while taking a party of characters into battle. It faithfully adapts the traditional turn-based nature of Dragon Quest, into what feels more like an action-RPG than a Warriors game.

When it comes to Final Fantasy, there’re a number of features that you could adapt, turning Musou attacks into Limit Breaks or Trances, and giving players spells like Fire and Cure to play around with. Most Final Fantasy characters already have trademark special attacks that you could loop into a moveset, and there could be an equipment system similar to Fire Emblem Heroes that allows you to get new weapons or upgrade existing ones. You could also implement some kind of co-operative attack system like One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3, letting you bring assist characters in to help do damage during certain combos.

If you wanted to still put a focus on one-on-one battles, you could even use a combat system like Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage, which allowed you to fight crowds easily, but engage in single battles as well. There’s a wealth of possibilities for how you could implement Final Fantasy, and considering Koei Tecmo already has experience with the series, it shouldn’t be exceedingly difficult.

Considering Koei Tecmo’s close relationship with Square and the fact that we’ve seen games like Dragon Quest Heroes, it’s astounding we don’t have a Final Fantasy Warriors game. It’s one of the most fitting adaptions we could see from the series and seems long overdue. Checking boards on sites like GameFAQs shows that fans would definitely be on board for a Warriors adaption. Even the name would directly tie to Final Fantasy, as Warriors would simply equal Warriors of Light. Do you really need any more convincing? It’s your move, Square Enix.


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