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Overwatch’s Retribution Event Brings New Skins

Overwatch Retribution

Overwatch’s Retribution Event Brings New Skins

Overwatch’s Retribution event begins today, and while there’s a new mission to take part in, you’ll be glad to know there’s also some new skins up for grabs, for several of your favorite heroes. Not all of them seem to be included this time around, but there are new duds for Mei, Doomfist, and Winston. Moira, Hanzo, and Sombra are all outfitted in their special Blackwatch outfits.

You’ll see Mei in her pajamas with her hair down in the PajaMei costume, Hanzo in a suit, and Winston in his Specimen 28 outfit. All will be up for grabs today when you start playing Overwatch Retribution, which runs from April 10 through April 30. You’ll also be able to rack up last year’s Uprising chapter with all previous skins from that event as well.

Check out the skins below and grab them later when the event goes live!

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