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Overwatch League-in-Review Stage 3 Week 2: Boston Going Strong


Overwatch League-in-Review Stage 3 Week 2: Boston Going Strong

Stage 3 Week 2 of the Overwatch League is now behind us, and the Stage playoffs are in sight yet again. At the moment, the Valiant are at the top of the Stage standings, followed closely by Boston and New York. Let’s take a look back at the past week’s action and recount the highlights.

Mistakes and the Uprising

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After releasing DreamKazper, many Boston fans were worried about the team’s performance in the Overwatch League. After all, he was their star DPS player. However, it looks like we have absolutely nothing to worry about as Mistakes proved to be more than capable of stepping up to the plate.

In their first match this week, the Uprising beat the New York Excelsior in a 3-2 victory. Mistakes looked strong as the team’s new Widowmaker player, and he was able to play Genji and Soldier effectively as well. They also beat out the Mayhem later that week in another close 3-2 match-up. From what we’re seeing so far, Boston still looks to be on track to enter playoffs contention.

It Was Almost Shanghai’s Day

Since day one of the Overwatch League, fans have been eagerly waiting for the day when the Shanghai Dragons would finally snag a win. They’re still winless, though it’s worth mentioning that they came damn close in their match against the San Francisco Shock.

With Ado, Fearless, and Geguri in the lineup, along with Diya back in the Tracer role, Shanghai looked stronger than they had ever been against the Shock. Ado was frighteningly consistent with the Genji blades, while Geguri and Diya supported him whenever needed. Ultimately, though, the Dragons still weren’t able to close out a victory against the Shock. They’re getting so close to becoming a well-coordinated team, they just need to keep working on it.

Houston Might Have a Problem

Despite making it to the playoffs back in Stage 1, the Houston Outlaws just haven’t looked that great since then. Right now, they’re sitting in the middle of the standings, and they definitely need to steal more wins if they want to make it into the season playoffs.

The Outlaws had a terrible week, losing in a 3-2 match against the Philadelphia Fusion, and again to the Excelsior in a similar fashion. The good news is, they played both teams really closely. With FCTFCTN in their lineup, the Outlaws seem much better at executing dive attacks, allowing Jake to perform competently in his Tracer role. However, the Outlaws have yet to secure a victory against the Fusion since Stage 1. And while they did go the distance in their match against New York, they were making too many little mistakes that ultimately cost them the win.

London Definitely Has a Problem

The London Spitfire also went through a rough week in the Overwatch League. They didn’t lose both matches, thankfully, but they did get crushed yet again by the Philadelphia Fusion. With Oasis being the tiebreaker map in Stage 3, it’s extremely dangerous for London to get pulled into a game five because of how poorly they perform on the map.

Even after their loss to the Fusion in the playoffs, they still got outplayed in the latest match, and it just feels like the team is starting to enter a slump. They did manage to beat out the Mayhem, so they’re still doing okay in terms of League standings, but something needs to change. Their competitors are starting to catch up.

Our Favorite Play of the Week

At the start of the week, we were really impressed with Sinatraa’s Doomfist play on Ilios against the Valiant. We didn’t really see any other plays that impressed us just as much until we got to the very last day of the week, when Houston went up against New York.

Pine impressed us as always with his Widowmaker skills, and JJoNak continued to be a killer Zenyatta. But it was ArK who really stole the show with his Mercy play in the very last stage of Oasis.

After popping Transcendence, JJoNak allowed ArK to use his Valkyrie to safely revive Pine. But that wasn’t all. With Valkyrie still in effect, ArK went full Battle Mercy mode to take out Boink and LiNKzr before going back to his healing duties, helping his team to secure the point and ultimately the map. New York was definitely pushed to the brink during this match, and it was their support players, with the help of Pine, who helped them clutch out the victory.


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