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New Sonic Mania Patch Adds Stage Transitions and Other Updates

Sonic Mania

New Sonic Mania Patch Adds Stage Transitions and Other Updates

Sonic Mania was an excellent Sonic release when it first debuted, but that doesn’t mean it was above needing any extra polish. That’s why a new patch has been released that takes care of a few issues fans had with the game when it first hit store shelves.

Starting off, a huge issue fans had with the game is being addressed. It previously lacked stage transitions between every stage, using smaller animations instead to keep the stages locked together. This would help send through additional pieces of story as you played through the game, which explained smaller plot holes that would arise otherwise. Now the patch has added these for each level, which should please fans looking for the extra context.

In addition, cutscenes may now be skipped, menus have been altered, you can disable the Time Limit, and there are brand new overhauls and animations spread throughout the rest of the game, as fans have taken notice of. While they’re small changes in general, it helps to polish the game even further.

There’s still the matter of Sonic Mania Plus as well, a new physical version of the game if you choose to buy it, or you can get it as a paid DLC update to the digital version that you already have, with new characters Ray the Flying Squirrel and Mighty the Armadillo as well as new and remixed stages, hitting all major platforms this year.

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