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Monster Prom: Which Player Character to Choose


Monster Prom: Which Player Character to Choose

Which Player Character to Choose in Monster Prom

Even before you lay eyes on the eligible prom dates in Monster Prom, you will have to make a decision about which of the four monsters you will select to represent you: a shadowy figure (Yellow/Oz), a girl with pyrokinesis (Red/Amira), a zombie (Green/Brian), and a Frankenstein’s monster (Blue/Vicky). They can be named using either of the official options, or you can enter your own custom name, and even choose the pronoun they will be referred to as.

No matter who you choose, regardless of gender or appearance, you will be given the same opportunity to pursue whomever you desire. As per the Kickstarter, “In Monster Prom characters don’t like boys or girls… they like people. Turns out, monsters don’t really care about sexual orientation. …Our chars don’t like someone for being male or female, but because of their traits: being fun, being smart, being bold, being charming or being creative.”

For this reason, no particular character gains a tactical advantage during multiplayer sessions. The characters are merely avatars, and it is up to you to make the correct choices in order to woo the monster of your dreams.

For more on Monster Prom, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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