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MLB The Show 18: How to Change Character’s Appearance


MLB The Show 18: How to Change Character’s Appearance

How to Change Your Character’s Appearance in MLB The Show 18

In MLB The Show 18’s Diamond Dynasty and Road to the Show (RTTS) modes, you can use created characters. In RTTS, the entire mode is about that created character, so obviously you’re going to be using him quite a bit. You’ll follow his journey from the Minor Leagues and Double A, all the way to the majors.

In Diamond Dynasty, although there isn’t any story attached to your created character, he can be part of your squad that you’ll bring to conquest, ranked, and event games. Unlike previous years of MLB The Show, you’ll need to complete program challenges to progress your created character rather than just feeding it cards. These are tied to specific positions which will make creating the super player that can play every position perfectly much more challenging and time consuming.

Whether you’re playing RTTS or Diamond Dynasty – however – your created character’s appearance is likely important to you. Whether you’re playing as yourself, a celebrity, or just some made-up person, you’ll want to the look right. However, you might eventually grow tired of how your created character’s appearance looks, and here is how you can change it.

In Diamond Dynasty, simply move on over to the My Squad section, and then go to Customize Player. From there, go to physical appearance and tweak to your heart’s content as if it was the first time you were creating them at all.

In RTTS, go to the Home tab, then go to My Player. In My Player, go to edit player and you’ll then be at the same screen as above. Go to physical parlance and change your character as much as you like.

That does it for how to change created character’s appearance in MLB The Show 18 for PlayStation 4. Enjoy the revamped Diamond Dynasty and RTTS modes this year!

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