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Minit: Is There New Game Plus?


Minit: Is There New Game Plus?

Minit: Is There New Game Plus?

Minit is an awesome Zelda-like adventure game which imposes a 60-second life-span on the player. It mixes roguelike and Metroidvania elements with classic adventure game style humor, presenting it all in a charming black and white art style. The game is broken up into one-minute runs in which players venture out into the world, collecting coins, hearts, slaying bosses and solving puzzles. After one minute is up, the player faints and awakens back at the beginning, with any items collected previously still available. The life gauge can be upgraded by collecting hearts and the world is filled with coins and other collectable items. Minit can be finished in a few hours but on completion, will unlock a New Game Plus mode of sorts. It can be accessed via the starting menu screen.

Minit’s New Game Plus mode is nicknamed the Second Run, and imposes a new set of rules upon the player, making the game a lot harder. The first, and possibly most important difference is that the player only has 40 seconds to complete each run. This obviously changes Minit significantly. Certain elements and places have also been moved around the map, meaning that you can’t rely on your memory of the game the first time around. To top it all off, the player spawns with only one love heart. This is fixed throughout the playthrough, and cannot be upgraded as it could previously. The sword is also much less effective against enemies. As well as the Second Run mode there is also an additional one called Mary’s Mode. This mode allows players to play as a different character called Mary, and features a different ending.

That’s all for Minit’s post-game and New Game Plus content, be sure to check out our review of the game here.


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