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Mega Man X Legacy Collection Coming to the West This Summer

mega man X Legacy collection, switch

Mega Man X Legacy Collection Coming to the West This Summer

Capcom has announced that Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 and 2 will be launching this Summer for Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and will include all eight games from the futuristic Mega Man series. This collection is part of Mega Man’s 30th anniversary celebration and it will be split into two separate packages. Mega Man X Legacy Collection will feature Mega Man X, X2, X3, and X4, while Collection 2 will include Mega Man X5, X6, X7, and X8.

Both collections will be available separately on July 24 for the price of $19.99. For players in North America, you will be able to grab a retail package for the game that will cost $39.99 and will include two separate discs. The retail version for the Switch will come with a cartridge for the first collection and then a download code voucher for the second.

The Mega Man X Legacy Collection comes with it, a slew of new features, which are as follows: Multi-boss challenges that let you face two bosses at once, an easy mode for newcomers, improved visuals for a cleaner look, and a full-blown museum that will let you take a look at the history of the Mega Man X series.

The Mega Man X Legacy Collection launches in North America and Europe on July 24.


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