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Looks Like Those Meteors Are Finally Falling in Fortnite


Looks Like Those Meteors Are Finally Falling in Fortnite

The mysteries swirling around the meteors in Fortnite’s sky may finally be coming to a startling conclusion. It looks like the meteors are actually beginning to fall, thanks to some eagle-eyed Redditors who have seen it happen for themselves. As the meteors crash down, however, what’s going to be next for Fortnite as it heads into season 4?

If you go to play Fortnite and find yourself met with an update, go ahead and download it so you can get right into the action. The meteors are falling all over, though it seems to be a series of random occurrences at this time with no real area you need to stand around and wait in to see the phenomenon happening.

But to what end? Will the firestorm of meteors continue on until the new season is revealed, or will there be one finale of an evenet for us to look forward to? It’s hard to tell at this time, but we’ll be keeping our eyes to the sky to keep you updated on what, exactly, is coming down the pipeline. If it’s not superhero-related, however, Epic Games has missed out on a killer opportunity.

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