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Is God of War Coming to Xbox One?


Is God of War Coming to Xbox One?

Is God of War Coming to Xbox One?

God of War PS4 reviews have finally gone live, revealing just how immersive and intense Kratos’ latest adventure is. We ourselves were fans of the game, though, found a few niggling issues that stopped it from being a complete masterpiece. The game follows Kratos and his son, Atreus, as they embark on an adventure through Nordic territory. Of course, this means you’ll come up against plenty of Nordic gods and beasts to slash and slice your way through. With God of War being one of the big AAA releases of April 2018, some players may be wondering if the game is coming to Xbox One.

Unfortunately, we have to be the bearers of bad news this time around. God of War isn’t releasing on the Xbox One and is highly unlikely to ever. God of War was developed by Sony Santa Monica, a first-party studio whose titles release exclusively on Sony hardware. The game’s exclusivity to the PS4 is also highlighted on the page over on the PlayStation website.

As such, if you were hoping to embark on this hack-and-slash venture with Kratos on Xbox One, you’ll have to think again. If you do want to play the game, you may want to look into borrowing a friend’s PS4… or buying one for yourself if you’ve got that kinda cash going spare.

For more on God of War, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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