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5 Games God of War Clearly Took Notes On


5 Games God of War Clearly Took Notes On

The new God of War is a considerably different beast to its predecessors. While it still follows Kratos and his trademark temper, the game’s dynamic has been shifted in a more narrative-focused direction. And that’s ultimately changed the nature of its gameplay, too; the combat is slower, the scope larger, and the systems deeper. This reinvention of the series feels like a more mature God of War experience, taking cues from contemporary classics that have themselves reinvented the wheelhouse of their respective genres. Here, we’re taking a look at the obvious lineage that’s woven into God of War’s DNA.

God of Lore – Bloodborne

Inspirations God of War Takes From Other Big Games

god of war inspirations

Director Cory Barlog has spoken of his appreciation of FromSoftware’s Bloodborne, and has admitted he used Bloodborne as inspiration for God of War. The HUB level design with its unlockable shortcuts and Souls-like weight to its over-the-shoulder third-person combat was based in part on Barlog’s experiences with the game.

Elsewhere, the way in which collectible lore helps to flesh out and give context to the environment also feels lifted from Bloodborne. There’s much more world-building carried out by the environment this time around. Each of the game’s different Realms hides dozens of optional collectible artifacts, and inspecting each reveals new insight into the game’s backstory and mythology.

It’s all very similar to the way storytelling is handled in Bloodborne. The game is another which is known for its deep and complex lore, pulling from a wide variety of sources including Greek, Anglo-Saxon and Norse mythologies. Much of it is told through items that the player collects while playing, always giving further color to the already very rich and colorful world. Both games have a clear respect from the mythology and stories that they are inspired by, offering up extra narrative dressing should the player take the time to explore.

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