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How Much Wembley Stadium Cost to Build


How Much Wembley Stadium Cost to Build

How Much Wembley Stadium Cost to Build

Most soccer fans would consider Wembley to be the home of English football, whether you’re a Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester United, or Burnley fan, it doesn’t matter. Wembley has been at the heart of English football for quite some time, yet reports today that The FA could sell Wembley to Shahid Khan for an estimated £600 million has people wondering just how much Wembley Stadium cost to build.

Wembley Stadium cost £830 million to build, however, due to interest repayments and other financial burdens that come with building a giant stadium, the cost of Wembley Stadium is believed to be over £1 billion.

It’s worth noting, however, that this doesn’t mean that Wembley would be sold for a loss if Shahid Khan’s bid was to be accepted. On top of the £600 million bid for the stadium, Khan’s offer also includes £400 million for purpose of developing grassroots football. Something that The FA and young, budding, football players around the country are likely to be particularly interested in.

Khan’s bid has yet to be accepted by The FA, and the two parties are currently in talks over the deal. Whether or not the deal goes through, rest assured that the FA Cup final and semi-finals will continue to be held at Wembley Stadium.

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