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God of War: How to Get World Serpent Scales & What They Do


God of War: How to Get World Serpent Scales & What They Do

How to Get World Serpent Scales & What They Do in God of War

Kratos is going to come across a bunch of enemies along the way, and as strong as his gear is at the start of God of War, there’s always room for improvement. That’s why Sony Santa Monica dropped a crafting and upgrade system into God of War, so your foes will never have such a massive advantage over you. Of course, you can’t just upgrade your stuff without any materials, you’ll need to go and find the stuff. World Serpent Scales are one such crafting material you’ll want to get your hands on in order to take Kratos’ gear to the next level.

World Serpent Scales are actually used specifically to upgrade the different Axe Pommels you can acquire on your adventure. As for where you can find them, you’ll want to go exploring around the beaches and islands of the Lake of Nine. Defeat enemies, check out the different chests, and search any caves you come across. World Serpent Scales are all over these different locales near to the Lake of Nine in God of War, so take some time out from the main quests to explore the beautifully-detailed world should you be in dire need of World Serpent Scales.

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