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God of War: How to Beat the Dragon Boss (Hraezlyr)


God of War: How to Beat the Dragon Boss (Hraezlyr)

How to Beat the Dragon Boss Hraezlyr in God of War

Spoiler Warning: This God of War guide contains spoilers for one of the foes you’ll face at one point in the story. If you’d rather enjoy the game without any spoilers at all, we advise turning back now.

One of the first major boss fights you’ll encounter in God of War is Hraezlyr, the mighty dragon sitting at the top of the mountain in Midgard. Thankfully, the fight itself is pretty straightforward, and as long as you’ve been keeping your gear up to date, you shouldn’t have too much of a problem with this one.

At the start of the fight against Hraezlyr, you’ll see several red World Tree Sap deposits around the arena. Run to any of them and interact with it while dodging the dragon’s electric breath attacks. Grab the Sap, run away from the dragon, and wait for it to attack again. When it’s getting ready to spit lightning at you, throw the Sap right into the dragon’s mouth to stun it. You’ll want to wait for the entire dragon’s body to be enveloped in electricity before throwing the Sap. Once Hraezlyr’s stunned, you’ll be able to go in to get some free hits in.

After that, the dragon will fly to the other side of the arena, and it’ll start pounding its claw into the ground, creating a shockwave. You can block this easily with your shield by holding L1 in God of War. Block Hraezlyr’s attacks and bait the electric breath move while grabbing the Sap. Once you do so, you can stun Hraezlyr once more and attack it.

After depleting enough of Hraezlyr’s health in God of War, Atreus will be able to help you out in the fight with a crane. Press the square button when the prompt appears, and the rest of the fight will be a cinematic sequence where you just have to push the correct buttons when prompted.

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